Holiday Packing Essentials 

It’s that time of year again where everyone you know seems to be jetting to some glamorous (or otherwise) location, and hopefully that includes yourself! Packing can be a daunting experience, but it’s one that I personally love, so here are some of my tips to make it a stress-free task. 

The Suitcase:

If like me you didn’t feel like paying £40 for the luxury of a checked suitcase, you’ll be taking on the challenge of squeezing all of your possessions into hand luggage. This can make packing a bit more tricky, but there are plenty of ways round it. All airlines have different restrictions when it comes to hand luggage; on British Airways you’re allowed a suitcase and a ‘personal bag’ (so a handbag) with reasonably fair measurements. Some allow a bit less than this and you won’t always be allowed a handbag, so make sure you check beforehand! The suitcase I’m taking is a God send, it’s called ‘IT luggage‘ and is deemed the world’s lightest suitcase. They have one which fits the measurements of most airlines’ hand luggage, is super light and easy to carry, and is pull along which is an essential to me. You can buy them for around £30 online, and I even saw one in Primark! 



It may be tempting to take absolotely everything you own, just in case, but for two weeks of Greek Island hopping do you really need that pink angora jumper you haven’t worn in two years? Probably not. On holiday you can get away with re-wearing a lot of clothes and mix and matching outfits, so try to stick to staple items that go together. Of course you can take a variety of outfits, but if you find yourself having to sit on your suitcase to zip it shut and knowing there’s no possible way you can lift it, it may be time to re-evaluate if the beaded cocktail dress is  really necessary for your walking holiday in the Himilayas! Shoes are also worth thinking about; you’ll probably need more ‘sensible’ shoes for a city break than for a beach holiday. 


Hand luggage also brings the challenge of trying to condense your makeup bag and skin care routine into 100ml containers that fit into a plastic bag. Stressful? Possibly, but worry not! Most makeup is under 100ml anyway (my Rimmel foundation is 30ml, for example) and you can get some great ‘mini’ products at supermarkets these days.  Research whether your hotel provides shampoo, conditioner and shower gel so you don’t pack it unnecessarily, and be prepared to limit your 30-step cleansing routine into a few products. It’s only a few weeks, I promise your skin won’t suffer too much! Face wipes are also a good idea – they can be taken on the plane without having to be scanned as a liquid, and turn makeup removal into one step. They’re not perfect but will save a lot of bother! Holidays are too short to worry about cleansing and toning anyway. Also share out your liquids in the plastic bags they give you at the airport; your boyfriend has only brought hair gel and toothpaste, so he can easily take your Roller Lash mascara and L’Occitane hand cream! 

There’s no reason for packing to be a cause of stress, just make sure you’re prepared and have the basics: local currency, passport and your phone. These things can take you anywhere in the world. Enjoy the amazing experiences offered to you, with or without your hair dryer! 

Keep smiling! 


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